How you can make a difference as a mental health therapist

Posting date: 08/29/23

Have you ever found yourself wondering why you should pursue a career as a mental health therapist? Here’s your answer: 

It is a career path that will offer you a strong sense of fulfillment. Mental health therapists have a unique job in that they play a crucial role in the recovery process and journey of vulnerable people. 

At Discovery Behavioral Health, our mission is to make behavioral healthcare accessible to all. 

A job as a mental health therapist at DBH offers the chance to turn every individual's dream of a happy and rewarding life into a tangible reality.

Learn how you can make a difference with Discovery: 

Create a safe space for vulnerable people 

Many people with mental health disorders suffer from anxiety and depression leading them to self-isolate. This looks like pushing family and friends who were once close to you away and not having a safe space to talk about your mental health, emotions, and issues you may be facing. 

As a mental health therapist, you can create a safe space for vulnerable people and support them in exploring their thoughts, feelings and challenges. 

Mental health not only affects individuals but their families and friends too. By working closely with your patients' loved ones you can help them to better understand and support your patients in their journey. This nurtures an environment where your patients can start to feel comfortable around others again. 

Reduce the stigma around mental health

There is a lot of stigma around mental health, both public and self. Public stigma refers to negative or discriminatory beliefs towards mental health. Self-stigma refers to the internalized shame people have around their own mental health issues. 

Through open discussions, you can help to reduce both types of stigma. This could be through educating your patients, perhaps by explaining how mental health illnesses are no different to physical illnesses. Communicating with your patients in a non-judgmental way can normalize seeking out help and reduce self-stigmatizing thoughts. 

Here at DBH, we are committed to patient-centered care, which means we provide personalized and high-quality care. We recognize there are many ways to approach stigma, so at DBH you’ll be encouraged to find the right approach that suits both you and your patients.

Transform people’s lives

“This is a job that provides you with the opportunity to change lives, not in the cliché way we think of it but in very real tangible ways... Each day there will be new challenges and experiences that will help you develop your skills in helping others.” - Peter F., Discovery employee

Mental health patients often have experienced traumatic events and struggle with their emotional well-being. Through employing various therapeutic techniques, you can guide them through the healing process, help to regulate their emotions and support them in achieving their personal goals.

As a mental health therapist, you have the ability to create a long-lasting impact on your patients' lives and get to witness their growth. 

What makes our mental health treatment programs so successful at DBH is that we address more than simply the unique traits of the disorder. Equal attention is directed toward treating the individual as a whole. This ensures that each person leaves our facility feeling better in totality and is instilled with the confidence to effect long-term changes.

Support patients as a mental health therapist 

We strive to care for our patients as much as we care for each other. Through evidence-based and interventional treatments, you can create a safe space, reduce stigma, and transform people’s lives. 

Are you looking for your next mental health therapist job? Join DBH and experience a culture of caring, work with distinct patient populations, advance your career, and so much more. 

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