Day in the life of an Eating Disorder Therapist at Discovery Behavioral Health

Posting date: 10/03/23

At Discovery Behavioral Health, we believe in transparency and openness when it comes to showcasing the unique culture and experiences that define our organization. 

Our ‘Day in the Life’ blogs are designed to offer valuable insights into our culture, team dynamics and more, enabling you to envision yourself as a valued member of our DBH family and align your aspirations with our mission. 

Step into the compassionate world of an Eating Disorder Therapist at Discovery Behavioral Health with Amber Thomas, LPC, as she shares her experiences after 5 years of working with us. 

What led you to specialize in eating disorder therapy, and how did you become passionate about helping individuals with eating disorders? 

“In my formative years, I dedicated over a decade of my life to cheerleading. It was a sport where eating disorders were a prevalent concern, yet conversation around this sensitive topic remained hushed. 

I personally grappled with my own eating disorder during this time, but the support and resources we have today were not readily accessible back then. 

It was during my years in graduate school that my interest and commitment to this field deepened. 

I felt a calling to give back and provide the kind of support I wished I had received to others facing similar struggles. My focus has mainly been on assisting athletes, driven by a genuine desire to be a valuable resource in their journey towards healing and recovery.”

Patients come first in everything we do and we pride ourselves on a culture of caring. This is why we’re looking for people who are passionate about treating our patients and changing lives for the better. 

Could you walk us through a typical day in your life as an eating disorder therapist, from the moment you start your workday to when you finish? 

“On any given day, my schedule is often bustling with activity. The first order of business involves checking emails and reviewing the day's agenda. 

I dedicate time to ready myself for Process Group and any scheduled sessions, an integral part of my daily routine. Monday through Friday, I take the lead or co-lead in facilitating Process Group sessions, a crucial part of the therapeutic process. 

Sharing lunch with one of my patients after the group is a routine I cherish, providing an opportunity for meaningful connection. Throughout the day, I engage in conversations with parents, conduct patient check-ins, and hold counseling sessions. 

Occasionally, I make space for patient snack exposures, baking, cooking, and challenging my patients to face food-related anxieties. Additionally, I actively participate in both in-person and virtual meetings, offering clinical support to our dedicated floor staff and treatment team. 

If time permits, I enjoy dropping by menu planning sessions to witness the inspiring challenges patients are embracing for the week. As the day winds down, I ensure all patients are well-prepared for the night, addressing any immediate needs and looking ahead to my return the following day.” 

At Discovery, from the moment you join, your days will be filled with variety and purpose. A career as an Eating Disorder Therapist is a chance to make meaningful contributions and transformative impact on our patients. 

What do you most enjoy about your role specifically? 

“Finding the balance between offering leadership and clinical support, alongside meaningful one-on-one time with my patients, is immensely gratifying. 

Witnessing the growth and progress of my patients throughout their treatment journey is deeply rewarding. 

It is not uncommon to see me tearing up in my patient's goodbye groups.”

Yes, patients come first for us at DBH but if we don’t take care of ourselves, it’s difficult to give back to others. This is why Discovery has programs and events to support the employees who make a difference for those around them. 

Whether that is in the form of employee resource groups (ERG) through our DEI department or our U-Day (aka, “Unique Day,” a floating holiday only by Discovery), we like to express our gratitude to our teams. 

Why was DBH your employer of choice? 

“Selecting the Center for Discovery (and subsequently returning) was an intuitive decision as it resonates with me on a profoundly personal level - it genuinely feels like coming home. 

I've always known that being a therapist is my calling, and the added dimension of specializing in eating disorder therapy brings me immense fulfilment and joy.”

We’re growing at Discovery Behavioral Health, and part of that growth includes your career. By supporting patients within a culture of caring, having access to continuing education programs and attending training, you’ll find fulfilment in your work at Discovery. Learn more about why working at DBH could be the right fit for you. 

How would you describe the culture at DBH? 

“Inviting, inclusive, and next level.” 

Each day at Discovery is a journey marked by genuine connections, impactful interventions, and the triumph of resilience. 

From the meticulous preparation for group sessions to the delicate, one-on-one interactions with patients, our Eating Disorder Therapists are committed to making a difference. 

Are you ready to unlock a full and rewarding career? Explore our Eating Disorder Therapist jobs.

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